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20 Quotes On Risk, Truth, Wealth And More

From New Orleans- where the most recent TMRE took place- Percy Miller has had a triple platinum song through the No Limit Records label he created. He partnered with major label Universal Records on a next incarnation, New No Limit Records. He’s also created businesses in the travel, retail, real estate, financial markets, film, television production, toy, clothing, telecommunications, jewelry, automotive, quick serve restaurant, fuel and CPG industries. Along the way, he’s picked up unique and unparalleled business and interpersonal insights. 

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  • “If I can’t get in the front door, I’m going to go through the window. I’m going to crawl through the chimney.”


  • “Consistency every day, every day, it’s like an athlete working on my game. I got to get better.”
  • “The key to my business is growing and being consistent, adding something in every day to build my brand and my business.”


  • “When people like and love what you’re doing and knowing that you are doing stuff with compassion and you’re able to help other people, they will follow that movement.”


  • “I think it’s about being truthful. I think that’s the thing that, if we could be truthful with each other, we could get past anything.”
  • “I was just about to do a deal with somebody that was the CEO of this company, but they had a bad attitude. And I could see it, nobody’s going to be truthful because they don’t want to lose their job.”


  • “I look at the companies that I look at, that’s doing it well is like Walmart, Disney. Like those guys been around so long, but they’re constantly changing. And they’re constantly opening their doors to new ideas.”
  • “There’s three type of people in the world. It’s poor people, rich people, and wealthy people. The poor people, all they talk about is money. “I need my money, got to pay my rent. I got to pay my bills. When my check coming?” And then the rich people, all they talk about is things. “Look at my house, look at my car.” But then the third step, the wealthy people, they talk about ideas. And that’s when I start changing my mindset. It’s not about money. We have to start thinking about the ideas that we are creating.”


  • “When I create a business, I always find a problem. And so I started going through the diversity departments and I started getting my products into these major corporations.”


  • “[I thought,] we are buying a lot of these products, but we’re not creating nothing.”
  • “If I want to build generational wealth, then I have to build something with my family. If you look at Versace or Louis Vuitton, these are all families. But for us, we are consumers, and we’re buying this thinking.”
  • “I just want to create ideas. And that’s the way I build wealth. And I’m able to put other people on and help other families.”
  • “Being able to get into the stock business, create generational wealth for my family, which 20 years ago, that would’ve never happened. And so many doors are opening because we have an open mind, and I feel like we are stronger together.”


  • “I didn’t have no money. So this is my money I’m using. And I wasn’t afraid to take the risk and grow with it. And I think Corporate America look at it different. I think that kind of shed a lot of Corporate America people away at first, said, ‘Well, I don’t see the vision.’”
  • “There’s a lot of companies and brands out there are going to start taking to that saying, ‘If I want to be valued, I want to be around the next 10, 20 years, we need to get on that train, and we need to start thinking outside the box. And still do it the right way.’ You know, we understand corporate politics and everything, but still being able to have a little open mind to, ‘How can I take a little risk?’”
  • “Look at Amazon, Amazon is a risk taker. So the people that’s in those companies are looking younger and younger. They’re creating younger and younger millionaires at the top and billionaires because they’re taking a risk.”
  • “A lot of people don’t change their mindset because they get caught up into the past. So, nah, man, I think that’s what life is about. Growing, being better. Nobody’s perfect. And not being afraid to take risks for the right way, to grow and build your company and your brains.”


  • “If the people at the top of these corporations have an open mind. If not, just new companies are going to be created, independent companies are going to take over, because it’s technology now. There’s a lot of wealth being built, and the big companies are going to be losing if they don’t have an open mind.”


  • “I love helping people. I love helping people in the community. I could create more millionaires and more billionaire[s]. And then I feel like I’ve made it.”
  • “I feel like I’m a servant now, like I’m not here for the money. We can’t take this with us. And it’s all about creating ideas. So I’m not here to say, “I want to be the richest man in the world.” No, I just want to create ideas. And that’s the way I build wealth. And I’m able to put other people on and help other families. And I think that’s the most part of the blessing that I love.”

Join us for more insights like these at TMRE 2022


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