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April 2023


Measuring OTA Programming

Television audience measurement is on the precipice of innovation due to the opportunity to leverage data from set top boxes, smart TV's, and other so...

Rethinking the Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Human behavior continues to adjust at lightspeed. The COVID-19 pandemic drove increased adoption of digital shopping and now, shoppers are more relian...

Collaboration Around The Consumer

The consumer is now in the driver's seat, and James Petretti is no stranger to that fact. Success is not possible if the consumer is not buying into w...

Fan Insights

Thanks to the advent of social media and streaming services, the world of television today looks nothing like

Leveraging the Power of Inclusion to Gain Multicultural Consumers

The power of inclusion is the ability to create an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected, and valued.

Live Sports Insights

Programming across the board is looking to develop content that appeals to an audience that engages increasingly with user-generated content (UGC) and...