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Innovation 2024

April 10 All day

Roll-up your sleeves for this interactive workshop where you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it alongside fellow innovators from around the world.

In 21 years+ of producing FEI: Front End of Innovation, we’ve learned that the community  achieves more when we convene more often than once a year. 

Join us for Innovation 2024, an interactive, entirely free virtual event that takes place in just under two hours. Beginning with a big picture conversation around timeless lessons from Author and Professor (and first year FEI keynote!) Clayton Christensen’s seminal work in the age of AI and ending with a friendly competition that will leave you with a fresh view of net zero mandates, spark your creativity and renew your passion for innovation like no other.

Session 1:

When New Technologies Cause Great Firms To Fail

Our first session is a discussion of Clayton Christensen’s ‘Innovators Dilemma’. Join this interactive discussion to hear how your colleagues are solving modern day innovators dilemmas around the integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into organizational systems and processes. Join us for discussion and debate and we’ll share the culmination of all your ideas and recommendations at the end of the session.

  • What are Lessons Learned From Past Technology Strategies for Disruptive Technologies
  • Doing the right thing is doing the wrong thing- thoughts on finding an equilibrium between spending time/money testing vs. simply getting disrupted
  • What are thoughts on how new methodologies (such as design thinking plus or stingray) assist in onboarding AI?

Session 2:

The FEI 2024 Net Zero Emissions Start-up Competition Round 1

Innovators worldwide are increasingly charged with achieving Net Zero emissions in the near term. In this entertaining and enlivening first round of the FEI Net Zero Emissions Competition that will take place live at FEI: Front End of Innovation in Boston this summer, you’ll hear the first pitch of start-ups offering their best ideas to help support corporations in their net zero journeys.

Ask your own hard-hitting questions of the start-ups alongside those of an all-star competition committee that comprises innovators from Nokia, Prologis, Yale and Cornell Tech and leave with a benchmark for how your peer organizations are tackling net zero mandates.

Each Round 1 start-up provides a brief but impactful three-minute pitch, followed by an engaging two-minute Q&A session.

Start-ups Evaluated Upon

Strength of MVP

Broadness of application, impact and relevance to cross-industry corporates

Degree of feasibility/effectiveness of product/service/solution

  • Once all pitches are concluded, you the audience, along with our esteemed advisory board will have the opportunity to vote for the most deserving startups to propel to the next and final round which takes place onsite at FEI on June 11th.
  • Register now to be a part of this transformative event and contribute to the success of these trailblazing ventures.

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